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What is Dex Dynamic?

Dex Dynamic is an incentive fund program. This program is funded by Parex Market and its corporate partners, provided that the projects are developed on the myDexChain network. The overall budget of the fund is $75 million.

We know that the myDexChain ecosystem plays a major role in the efficient operation of projects, thanks to its layered structure that includes smart contracts. We are always in an unrestrained curiosity and excitement in order to support the creation of brand new things by contributing to a goodness that transcends ourselves without losing our faith in the future even for a moment. We want to make the world a better place in pursuit of the extraordinary, surprising projects and inspiring coincidences. While we enable many small or large projects to find support, we also lead the way for creative ideas to come to life. Finances encountered in projects that will gain dimension with the participation of smart minds We are proud to announce that we have launched this Incentive Fund program to solve the problem.

Projects Fund

It is a great opportunity for those who want to improve themselves in the field of decentralized projects. We plan to provide the best support you can find.

Projects Fund

It is a fund that anyone who wants to have a place in the Metaverse universe will apply. We will do whatever is necessary to keep up with the innovations of the period.

Web 3.0.
Projects Fund

A great opportunity for those who feel the power of artificial intelligence. We can help you as you plan for the greatest breakthrough of recent times.

How the Process Works?

What should I do to be included in the Dex Dynamic Fund Program?

Create your project

We understand that you are starting to explore your project. We are waiting for you after you create the building blocks in your mind.

Make a Report

Discover the stages of your projects. Identify your shortcomings, your team, your needs.Make a Report.

Apply for the fund

After the reporting processes are over, submit your detailed documents to us and make your application.

Use the fund

After the necessary checks and negotiations, you are eligible to receive the funding. Let's be with you as you step into the ecosystem.

How do I apply?

Fund Application

The application process will proceed entirely via e-mail, and all processes will be monitored in order to ensure a healthy and orderly process. The things to be added during the first application email are listed below.

Project name and basic information

Objectives and objectives of the project in general terms

What stages has the project passed? How was it start? Where is now, what is doing?

Litepaper and whitepaper reports, which are the most basic structure of the project

Project website, social media channels etc.

Your contact information. country, address. mail, team, linkedin etc.

What are your expectations from us? What can we do for you?

Do you have a community? Where are they, are there any addresses where you can show them to us? telegram ect.